Regions - Boys


Below is the link for the All Region Teams for the 2021 Boys Golf competition year. Congratulations to all the region winners! 

For this season, the KGCA Board has voted to use All State Points to select the All Region Teams. Points earned for the entire season have been utlized to select the team and the region Player of the Year.  The top 10 players in All State Points make up the team, and will also include the Region Tournament Champion, if not already in the Top 10.  The player in the region with the most All State Points for the season is the Player of the Year. 

Region Coach of the Year will be chosen by a ballot sent to all member coaches in each region, and will be named at a later date.  

2021 Boys All Region Teams


Below is the link for the Region Coach of the Year as voted by the member coaches this year. Congratulations to all winners!

Coaches voted on a 5-3-1 system among all member coaches in their own region for this years winners. 

2021 Boys Region Coaches of the Year