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The KHSAA Commissioner reminds all coaches and players that any conduct detrimental to the Sportsmanship Guidelines outlined by the KHSAA will not be tolerated. Such behavior include swearing, club throwing, or damage to the golf course or competitor's belongings. Any of these actions may result in a warning, stroke penalties, or immediate disqualification at the discretion of the Official in Charge. Coaches and players are expected to adhere to these guidelines, and the KGCA supports the KHSAA's desire to have all competitions conducted under these expectations.


The first few weeks of the High School Golf season are extremely busy for most High School Coaches including the volunteers that maintain All-State Points. Interested parties should see results appearing on the tournament listing starting around the middle of August with weekly updates once school is back in session. Thank you for your patience during the extremely busy part of the schedule that takes place before most schools begin classes.

Once All-State Reports are recived they will be linked next to the tournament in the All-State Points column.

2024 Boys Tournaments

Date Event Title Course Contact Info All-State Points
July 22nd  Spartan Clash  Park Mammoth GC Info  
July 22nd  Barren County Invitational (Trojan Cup)  Barren River State Park Info  
July 22nd  Johnson Central Invitational  StoneCrest GC Info  
July 23rd  Capital City Championship  Juniper Hill Golf Course Info  
July 23rd  Marshall County Invitational  Calvert City CC Info  
 July 23rd   Peninsula Classic  Peninsula Golf Resort Info  
July 23rd  Charger Cup  Henry County CC Info  
July 24th  KGCA Invitational  Lakeside GC Info  
July 24th  Rocket Invitational  Weissinger Hills GC Info  
July 24th  Highlands Invitational  Pioneer-Courses of Kenton Co. Info  
July 24th  Storm Golf Invitational  Madisonville CC Info  
July 25th  Trigg County Invitational  Boots Randolph GC Info  
July 26th  Bourbon County Classic  Houston Oaks GC Info  
July 26th  East Carter Invitational  Grayson Lake State Park Info  
July 26th  Somerset High School Invitational  Eagles Nest CC Info  
July 26th  Bullitt East Invitational  Taylorsville CX Info  
July 26th  Fleur-De-Lis Invitational (Semi State Preview)  Shelbyville CC Info  
July 27th  Mason Co/St. Patrick Invitational  Oak Ridge Golf Club Info  
July 29th  HGCC High School Invitational  Hopkinsville CC Info  
July 29th  Colonel Classic  Oldham County CC Info  
July 30th  Charger Open  Heritage Hill GC Info  
July 31st  Ortho Cincy Invitational  A.J. Jolly GC Info  
July 31st  Rockeets Invitational  General Burnside Island GC Info  
July 31st  Kentucky Cup (Full)  University Club of Kentucky Info  
Aug 1st  Beechwood Tigers Invitational  Hickory Sticks GC Info  
Aug 2nd  Daviess County Invitational  Ben Hawes GC Info  
Aug 3rd  Battle At The Bridge  Old Bridge GC Info  
Aug 3rd  The Schoolboy Classic  Windward Heights CC Info  
Aug 5th  Model Boys Invitational  University Club at Arlington Info  
Aug 6th  Trinity Invitational  Seneca GC Full  
Aug 7th  Mason County Open  Laurel Oaks GC Info  
Aug 10th  Pikeville Invitational  Stonecrest GC Info  
Aug 10th  Raider Invitational  Shady Hollow GC Info  
Aug 12th  Bronco Invitational  Kearney Hill Golf Links Info  
Aug 17th  Kentucky Invitational Tournament (KIT)  Harmony Landing CC Info  
Aug 17th  Whitley County Invitational  Wasioto Winds GC Info  
Aug 18th  Judy Construction Invitational  Huston Oaks GC Info  
Aug 24th  ST. E Invitational  Willows - Courses of Kenton Co Info  
Aug 24th  West Jessamine Invitational  Connemara GC Info  
Aug 31st  Dragon Cup Invitational  Nevel Meade GC Info  
Aug 31st  Region 1-4 Semi State Preview  The Cullan at Mineral Mounds Info  
Sept 7th  Montgomery County Invitational  Irish Hills GC Info  
Sept 7th  State All A Classic  Gibson Bay Info  
Sept 7th  CKBC Invitational  The Woodford Club Info  
Sept 7th  South Laurel Invitational  London CC Info  
Sept 7th  Charger Invitational  Quail Chase Info  
Sept 9th  KY 2A State Championship  Owensboro CC Info  
Sept 21st  Cherokee Cup Boys  Cherokee GC Info  
Sept 14th & 15th  KGCA All-State Championship  UK Club Wildcat/Big Blue   Info  
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 1 Tournament        
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 2 Tournament  Owensboro CC    
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 3 Tournament  Indian Hills GC    
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 4 Tournament  Peninsula GC    
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 5 Tournament        
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 6 Tournament  Seneca GC Info  
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 7 Tournament        
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 8 Tournament        
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 9 Tournament         
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 10 Tournament         
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 11 Tournament        
Sept 22nd-25th  Region 12 Tournament        
State First Round          
Sept 30th  State First Round - Site 1  Hopkinsville Country Club      
Sept 30th  State First Round - Site 2        
Sept 30th  State First Round - Site 3         
State Tournament          
Oct 7-9  LEACHMAN/KHSAA BOYS STATE  Bowling Green CC      


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